Pricing And Refund

Pricing And Refund

No Fees. Serving the Humanity


  • (RF) doesn't charge any Processing fee, Platform fee or Contract fee. Funds are entirety disbursed to beneficiaries.
  • Our Platform is completely FREE. The full amount which is collected for a cause is disbursed to the beneficiary. All the expenses such as cost of building, developing and maintaining crowdfunding platform is borne by Rahman Foundation (RF).
  • The Payment Gateway deducts approximately 2% in almost all causes (In some specific cases 2.5%) on the total amount collected in the course of campaign. GST of 18% on Payment Gateway fee is included in the above amount.
  • The platform accepts donations in INR only and from bank accounts within India from Indian nationals only.
  • If you have any queries email: [email protected]

Cancellation and Refund Policy:


Donations made through (RF) are final and cannot be refunded, except in accordance with (RF) Refund Policy.

However, (RF) will issue refunds for the following “exceptional” scenarios.

  • If after approval of a cause, on a later stage, Cause is identified as a fraudulent (though Team RF take all necessary measures of scrutiny) completely or violating the terms of service and if NO funds is transferred to the Recipient towards the same. Team (RF) will speak to individual Donors and either refund the amount to Donor or transfer the amount to any other existing cause as per the wish of Donors.
  • If the Cause raiser (Beneficiary) informs that the intended purpose of the cause fundraising is achieved or no longer required for any reason, and no funds have yet been transferred to the Recipient towards the same, then Team will speak to individual Donors and either will refund the amount to Donor or transfer the amount to any other existing cause as per the wish of Donors.
  • Any other claims for refunds shall be honoured at the discretion of (RF) Team.
  • All refunds will be credited to the original mode of payment in 12-15 bank working days.




Once the beneficiary raises the causes it will be going through following steps for verification:

  • The CM (Cause Manager) will get contact details of beneficiary/ cause raiser from team RF and connect with beneficiary/ cause raiser. Genuineness of the cause is highly expected. So, CM will cross check and ask for max details and documents/ references as per policy of RF.
  • The CM (Cause Manager) will verify the zakat eligibility, genuineness of the requirement, on the basis of documents scrutiny. Once cause manager is satisfied with the genuineness of the cause, content team will review the entire content and documents. After this process request will be forwarded to cause approvers to approve/reject the cause.
  • If required Physical Verification will be done by RF Volunteers.
  • Once cause is approved and floated on RF portal, it is suggested that if possible first donation should come by a known contact of beneficiary with an appealing comment in the comment section. This will have a positive impact on potential donors.
  • The cause raiser and cause manager along with social media team, should promote the cause on social media (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) in a systematic way to make it more effective/appealing.
  • The creators should promote the cause among his/her family, relatives, friends and influential people/ groups in their respective city/state.
  • During the cause promotion, a short video from the creator/beneficiary will be more effective to promote the cause on social sites. Attach the video/images along with cause link and explain in a standard message.
  • Once cause get successful, fund transfer would be initiated as per policy of RF. For example
  1. If the cause is related to Education, it is preferred to transfer the generated funds (on behalf of cause raiser) into the school/ college account.
  2. If the cause is related to Medical, it is preferred to transfer the generated funds (on behalf of cause raiser) into the Hospital/ Clinic account.
  3. If the cause is related to Livelihood, it is preferred to transfer the generated funds (on behalf of cause raiser) into the vendors account from where the material is being purchased.

And so on........

In authentic circumstances if college, hospital or vendors don't provide their personal bank details, after physical verification by RF Volunteers, RF will transfer the amount directly to the beneficiary.

Disbursement Process:

Once the cause goal is successfully achieved or completed as per due date, the Cause raiser will have to execute the following steps for withdrawal request:

  • Add recipient bank account details via Dashboard -> Withdrawal -> Configure Withdrawal Details section.
  • Submit the request for withdrawal on dashboard of Portal and inform team RF via email to [email protected]
  • Once the request for withdrawal is received in our system, RF Team will verify recipient information received by email and will initiate the payment.
  • Partial payment is also possible based on the necessity of the beneficiary.



  • After fund release, it is expected that Cause Manager will receive testimonial/ as email/ thanks letter, short video etc. - Team RF will promote these success stories on various platforms.

After disbursement of fund, the cause manager will collect testimonials, institutions/college paid fee receipts, hospital bills, success story from beneficiary. This process includes:

  • Contacting the beneficiary of every completed cause.
  • Collecting the bills, receipts & testimonials
  • Uploading the received documents on the drive according to the Cause Id



1) Unclaimed Money: RF raises funds for different causes and in some cases, it might happen that the beneficiary does not claim the raised funds for some reasons. RF payout team will keep on contacting the beneficiary through Message, Call, Email, physical appearance for a certain amount of time. If there is no response or if the beneficiary does not wish to claim the raised amount, then it goes to the category of “Unclaimed Fund”. For any raised funds that remains unclaimed by the beneficiary for more than 3 months, then on the discretion of Team RF that amount might be used for the administrative costs and office expenses of RF or for any other cause at RF.

2) Surplus Amount: By “Surplus Amount” here we mean that amount of the fund-raised that exceeds the goal amount. For such extra amount (surplus amount) that is raised, RF reserve rights to put in into a “Surplus amount raise” category and that amount would be utilized for the administrative costs and office expenses of RF or for any other cause at RF.

3) Large Donations: Large amount of donations that are being done by "Direct Bank Transfer" are subjected to save 2% cost that the Razor pay deducts. Hence, it is advisable for Donors to make large donations via the direct bank transfer option so that they can save the 2% cost on the donated amount.

Please find below the RF account details for Direct Donation of the amount you wish to donate:


Bank Name: Bank of Baroda

Account Name: Rahman Foundation

Account Number: 37800100001737

IFSC Code: BARB0NERALX (Fifth letter is Zero)

Branch: Neral