Our Mission


We envisage the establishment of an equitable, egalitarian, prosperous, tolerant and educated society based on divinely ordained principles of spirituality, morality & justice.


To alleviate the economic disparity, widespread destitution, ecological imbalance,malnutrition & afflictions by :-
  • Providing care & financial aid for widows, orphans & the destitute
  • Reviving the fiscal miracle of the comprehensive & organized system of zakath
  • Educational avenues and scholarships to deserving but underprivileged students
  • Establishing healthcare centers, blood donation and awareness camps
  • Promoting a sense of public hygiene & civic sanitation drives
  • Rescue efforts & economic aid to victims of natural calamities & civil strife
To re-ignite the latent potential of the Ummah, reeling under the onslaught of misrepresentation, materialistic indoctrination, scholastic mediocrity, compartmentalization of secular & religious education,ignorance of traditional values & intellectual legacy, by :-
  • Reviving the spectacular ethical, educational & civilization legacy of our glorious past.
  • A profound curriculum integrating empirical knowledge with divinely revealed guidance.
  • Pioneering an educational renaissance for temporal a well as spiritual success.
  • A coherent paradigm of all-round intellectual, moral, spiritual & physical education.
  • Training women about the fundamental tenets of Islam.
  • Educational avenues along with customized academic curriculum for girls.
  • Instituting a comprehensive online Alimiyat Course.
  • Training the scholars in contemporary subjects & the reality of current circumstances.
  • Developing highly accomplished scholars & professionals from an impressionable age.
  • A Functional Islamic Research & Development Institute for human welfare solutions.
To cure our hardened hearts of the diseases of materialism, intolerance, egocentricity, jealousy, insensitivity, gossiping, sectarianism, aggressiveness, lethargy, hypocrisy, spiritless ibadaat, immorality &temptations as well as clear misconceptions & invite humanity towards Islam by :-
  • Authentic spiritual therapy to heal our sick souls & instill the love & fear of Allah.
  • Dars-e-Quran series to expound the wisdom of Quran in the contemporary context.
  • Grooming well-informed & balanced youth who wisely communicate & implement Islam.
  • Workshops to train professionals about the essence, mercy & constructive spirit of Islam.

What is Infaaq?

ALLAH (Swt) is HE, who is the possessor of everything. HE is the one who gives and HE is the one who takes. Among the wisdoms of ALLAH (Swt), it is a great wisdom that HE made his beings that are in various needs, dependent on the ones whom ALLAH has bestowed His bounties. This action of fulfilling the dependency of various needs has been commanded by ALLAH (Swt) as ‘Infaaq’. This element of ‘Infaaq’ considers all the bounties from ALLAH (Swt), but primarily the wealth.