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About Rahman Foundation

The world today is on the threshold of far-reaching transformations in every aspect of life. It is waiting for the Muslim Ummah to stand up and take the responsibility of constructive reform, on behalf of the distressed humanity which is plagued with problems of every conceivable kind. The Ummah is the representative of the prophet of mercy & the torch bearers of an outstanding heritage. All Muslims are morally duty-bound to convert social challenges into opportunities for sustainable and universal reforms. We are responsible for disseminating & demonstrating the divinely ordained solutions to alleviate the sufferings of mankind.

We are the inheritors of a remarkable legacy in which the world witnessed the unprecedented epitome of civilization itself – A legacy in which the Khalifah Hazrat Umar (r.a.) whose dominion extended from the periphery of the known west to the subcontinent of the east - roamed the streets in the nights to ensure that all the citizens are at ease, summoned his wife to be the midwife to deliver the child of a common citizen, ate unpalatable coarse food, carried sacks of food-grain on his own back to feed a starving family, flogged his own son to death to uphold justice, traveled on a journey of hundreds of miles taking turns to ride the only camel with his servant, wished he was a tree or a bird out of extreme fear of ultimate accountability & considered the starvation of even a dog in the territory under his administration as a dereliction of his duty.

We are the upholders of an astonishing legacy of sacrifice of luminaries like Hazrat Abu Bakr (r.a.) who donated absolutely everything that he possessed to promote the cause of truth and left only the teachings of the prophet and Allah for his family. A legacy that produced personalities like Hazrat Ali (r.a) who used to tremble with the thought of rendering an account to the Almighty & even become unconscious due to weeping profusely during prayers, inspite of being given the glad tidings of paradise in this world itself. We are the followers of that prophet whose remarkable companions showed exemplary courage to overcome extreme odds in the battle of Badr to defend the message of truth. A legacy of bravery of companions like Bilal (r.a.) & Sumaiyya (r.a.) & scholars of the early generations like Ahmad ibn Hanbal (r.a.) who remained steadfast to their commitment to the truth in face of brutal torture. We are the flag bearers of an incredible civilization in which a ruler sent an army thousands of miles away to establish justice and apprehend the culprits when he learnt that a solitary woman’s modesty was defiled; a legacy wherein a teenaged companion of the prophet subjected himself to weeks of weeping in the wilderness before breathing his last simply because his sight momentarily lingered on something that a morally upright Muslim shouldn’t set his eyes upon.

Moreover, we are also the inheritors of a spectacular educational heritage - from the crucibles of innovation in the universities of Toledo to the vast & varied libraries of Baghdad. We are the successors of a rich scholastic legacy of scholars, theorists & philosophers like Imam Gazzali, Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, Ibn Hazm, Ibn Khaldun and the like. We are the inheritors of a glorious past which produced researchers, professionals, intellectuals & scientist like Ibn Al-Haytham, Taqi Al-Din, Al-Kindi, Al-Biruni, Al-Muqaddisi, Al-Jazari, Al-Khawarizmi, Al-Bitruji, Sinan, Al-Dimashqi, Al-Razi, Ibn Al-Nafis, Ibn Batuta, Al-Idrisi & many more. We are the heirs of an enlightening legacy of brilliant administrators, economists, physicists, astronomers, mathematicians, geologists, mineralogists, alchemists, pharmacologists, botanists, surgeons, physicians, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, etc. Our young minds should ideally be inspired by the splendid accomplishments of our ancestors in diverse fields – from hydraulic technology to mechanical automation, from rocket technology to ship building, from observatories/astrolabs to architectural/acoustic expertise, from farming manuals & agricultural revolutions to cartography & climatology.
We are the undeserving heirs of such a profound spiritual and intellectual heritage which spread light of knowledge, research, innovation and scientific temper along with exemplary justice, equality & morality throughout the world. It is a grave misfortune of the human civilization that we have come a long way from our glorious past. We have lost the spirit of rational enquiry which illuminated the world as well as abandoned the spiritual essence of our faith which for several centuries enlightened all of humanity.

Consequently, mankind today is on the one hand witnessing widespread destitution and impoverishment like never before & ubiquitous immorality, wantonness & cultural degradation on the other. This is an era wherein endemic confusion, misrepresentation & ideological conflict reigns supreme inspite of an unprecedented information overload. With the passage of time, trends in lifestyle, motivations and moral standards have undergone tremendous transformations. Today we reside in a society where life on the fast track has robbed us of our humanity & taken us farther than ever from our religious teachings and ethical duties. Our children are growing in an alien value system with its peculiar demands and challenges and we stand helpless, simply because we lack the will & the proper knowledge of our Deen to provide equitable, empathetic & objective solutions to the beleaguered human race.

Although economic disparity, debilitating penury, social discrimination, malnutrition, pervasive prevalence of fatal diseases, unbridled violence and unrest, in addition to pervasive intellectual dishonesty, scholastic mediocrity & social turpitude have reached alarming proportions. Nevertheless, we still desire to positively, peacefully and constructively reinvigorate our spiritually, educationally, economically, politically & socially demoralized & hibernating Ummah which for far too long has only been content in laying the blame for all our ills at the altar of the fascist forces of every hue.
In this environment of widespread decadence, deprivation & strife, it is of paramount importance that atleast some of the members of the civil society take it upon themselves to provide timely succor to the marginalized sections of our society as well as attempt to reform & reconstruct the educational & moral fabric of our civilization.

To fulfill such an acute need of social welfare, the champion of the poor and downtrodden Hazrat Maulana Qari Siddiq Bandwi (RA) consistently urged Maulana Sajjad Nomani to take charge of this important task. A yearning to practically contribute towards the upliftment of the marginalized sections of our society was always latent in his heart but a tragic incident which left an indelible mark on his heart was the tipping point which propelled this latent urge to take concrete form and shape. Finally, in 1995, Maulana Sajjad Nomani, after consulting his illustrious father Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Manzoor Nomani (RA), took up this cause of social service by establishing “Rahman Foundation”. It was named after the prominent Islamic scholar and saint Hazrat Maulana Fazlur Rahman Ganj Muradabadi(RA).

Rahman Foundation with the blessings of Allah, guidance of esteemed scholars & under the supervision of respected elders has over the years undertaken such onerous tasks of social service, educational renaissance & moral rejuvenation. We fervently implore Allah’s acceptance, mercy & help to contribute towards the constructive reformation of the society. Aameen.

Pillars of Rahman Foundation


Our foundation is built on honesty and integrity. We have no hidden costs and the proceeds of your donation go directly to the fundraiser you select.


Rahman Foundation ensures that the fundraisers are genuine and actually require your donation for the cause stated.


We have a strong verification process in place that involves our team physically verifying and confirming the authenticity of fundraisers.