Imam Waliullah Dehlawi Institute For Islamic Studies

Imam Waliullah Dehlawi Institute For Islamic Studies (IWIIS)

Under the direction & guidance of the elders a unique institution by the name- Imam Waliullah Institute for Islamic Studies has been established. A comprehensive 2 year course for the training of qualified Ulama has been initiated in this institute. A total of 19 students are currently being trained in both the 1st and 2nd year of the course.

Hazrath Shah Waliullah Dehlawi is one of the most genuine, prudent, wise and widely respected scholar of the Islamic world. His knowledge, foresight, wisdom & educational legacy continues to provide guidance and solutions for contemporary problems even in the present era. This is acknowledged by the great, erudite Islamic scholars and learned intellectuals of the past as well as the different segments from among the torch-bearers of the truth.

Library equipped with books on Hadeeth, Islamic Jurisprudence,contemporary issues, comparative religion, Islamicfinance etc. & Digital Lab

  1. Understand the Holy Quran as a living dynamic book of guidance and interpret and expound it in a manner such that on the one hand they would firmly abide by the principles of Tafsir as well as the Maslak of our pious predecessors – Salaf-us-Saliheen and be unaffected by any innovations and on the other hand be capable enough to satisfactorily respond to the misgivings of the modern educated people. They will possess the skills to provide appropriate solutions for the issues that crop up every now and then as well as provide apt answers to the questions raised regarding Islam.

  2. Endeavor to practically demonstrate to the Ummah as well as to the world at large the compassion, and the kind-heartedness of our beloved Prophet Sayyidna Muhammad (s.a.w.). They shall earnestly struggle to represent a living example of the Sunnah such that the whole of mankind becomes acquainted with the mercy and wisdom of our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.).

  3. Will draw valuable lessons, wisdom, strength and inspiration from Imam Waliullah’s methodology and efforts in uniting Muslims of different affiliations to confront the inherent dangers posed by the forces of evil.

  4. Will try to avoid and overlook differences, especially finer points stemming from the teachings of different schools of thought and present Islam as a system of life superior to all other systems prevailing in the world.

  5. Improve the quality and standard of instruction of the Quran, Ahadees and Islamic Jurisprudence in the Islamic seminaries.

  6. Are proficient atleast in the English language and well versed in politics & economics and understand the psychological mindset of the people in contemporary times such that they will be able to provide viable and efficient Islamic solutions for the social, economic and political quandaries of the world today. They can present Islam as a complete way of life to the common man. They shall have the ability to give effective answers to the detractors of Islam as well as provide effective and efficient alternatives to the anxieties of the contemporary masses who are struggling under the yoke of western modernism.

  7. Are capable of effectively fulfilling the acute social need for the correct invitation of Islam as well as appropriate general guidance to the common masses. Those ulama who can provide the most effective cures to the people of the present times who are swayed by the deviance of unbridled free-thinking and irrational modernism under the disguise of reform, civilization & progress by deceitful people who harbor ulterior agendas.

  8. Comprehend the apparent predicaments of the contemporary world as well as possess deeper insight into their reality in the light of the Quran and the Hadees and guide the Ummah accordingly.

  9. Will go beyond the traditional role of leading prayers and giving khutbas, and also be concerned with energizing the community providing a broad world view and an understanding of political and social life and even make statements to the media clarifying misconceptions and explaining how Muslims fit into the overall western and international communities.

  10. library equipped with books on Hadeeth, Islamic Jurisprudence, contemporary issues, comparative religion, Islamic finance etc