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Urgent Appeal: Help Bhirappa Secure a Kidney Transplant

Critical Medical Situation:
•  Bhirappa is currently on dialysis, and his doctor has recommended a kidney transplant for a chance at a healthier life.
•  His mother is ready to donate her kidney, but the family lacks the funds required for the operation.
Financial Challenge:
•  The total cost for Bhirappa's kidney transplant is estimated at INR 550,000.
•  They are family of 6 members.
•  As farmers, their monthly earnings range from 8,000 to 10,000, making it exceptionally difficult for them to meet the substantial cost of the life-saving transplant.

Urgency of the Situation:
•  Time is of the essence, and prompt action is needed to ensure Bhirappa receives the transplant without further delay.
•  Your contribution can make a significant impact on Bhirappa's life and help him overcome this challenging phase.
•  Family's Struggle:

•  Bhirappa's family is going through an incredibly tough time due to the burden of medical expenses.
•  As hardworking farmers, they are finding it difficult to meet the substantial cost of the life-saving transplant.
How You Can Help:
•  Every donation, no matter the amount, brings Bhirappa closer to getting the kidney transplant he urgently needs.
•  Click on the "Donate" button to contribute directly to Bhirappa's medical fund.

•  Spread the word within your network and on social media platforms to maximize the reach.
•  Your sharing can create a ripple effect, reaching compassionate individuals who can contribute to Bhirappa's cause.

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