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Uplift Tasmiya: A Collective Call for Educational Empowerment

Tasmiya Lashkeri, a determined 23-year-old currently pursuing her studies in BAMS at AGM Ayurvedic College in Hubli. Tasmiya's journey is one of resilience and ambition, but she stands at a crucial crossroad.

Tasmiya's father, a dedicated welder, works tirelessly to provide for their family of eight on a modest income of 20,000 per month. They live on a rented  apartment.It is difficult for her father to bear the expenses of her education.

Tasmiya's commitment to her studies is awe-inspiring, and your support will make a tangible difference in her life. By contributing to this fundraiser, you're not just helping a student; you're investing in the future of a passionate individual with the potential to make a positive impact in the field of Ayurvedic medicine.

As Tasmiya approaches her exams in December, financial constraints threaten to cast a shadow over her educational aspirations. With exams just around the corner, the urgency is palpable. Tasmiya needs our collective support to secure 309,250, ensuring she can continue her education and not let financial barriers become a roadblock to her dreams.

Every rupee you contribute brings Tasmiya one step closer to her goal.

by Rahman Foundation


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Sadaqah Zakat Lillah