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Renew Hope: A Fundraiser for Abbasi's Health

  • Patient: Abbasi Abdul Subhan Liyak Ali, 57-year-old male
  • Condition: Suffering from aplastic anemia, where bone marrow doesn't produce enough cells.
  • Medical Recommendation: Doctors advise a year-long medication, costing 180,000 rupees.
  • Breadwinner's Struggle: Sole provider for a family of four, unable to run a successful furniture shop due to illness.
  • Financial Hardship: Business closure has impacted their finances severely.
  • Family Members: Two daughters and a wife relying on Abbasi for support.
  • Call for Support: Abbasi's recovery is possible with your help. Your contribution can restore his health and enable him to revive his business.
  • Fundraising Goal: Seeking financial support for the 180,000 rupees needed for a year's worth of medication.
  • Impact of Your Contribution: A healthier Abbasi means a revived business and a stable future for his family.
  • Join Us: Be a part of this journey to bring health and hope back to Abbasi and his family. Your support can make a significant difference. Donate today!
by Rahman Foundation


raised out of 1,80,000
Sadaqah Zakat Lillah