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Healing Hope: Support Kashif's Recovery

Urgent Medical Situation:

  • Kashif Shaikh, son of Zafar Shaikh Ahmed, from Jalgaon, has suffered a serious leg fracture in an accident.
  • Immediate medical intervention is crucial for his recovery and to avoid long-term complications.

Financial Challenge:

  • The total cost for Kashif's treatment is estimated at 8 lacs rupees. Zafar Shaikh has managed to gather 2 lacs rupees from relatives and friends, leaving a shortfall of 6 lacs rupees.
  • Zafar Shaikh, a hardworking TV mechanic from Jalgaon, supports a family of five, making it challenging to arrange the required funds.

Family's Struggle:

  • Zafar Shaikh is devoted to his three children, and the sudden medical emergency has placed a significant burden on the family.
  • The family, residing in Jalgaon, is already dealing with the emotional and physical stress of the accident, and the financial strain adds to their difficulties.

How You Can Help:


  • Your contribution, no matter the amount, can make a substantial impact on Kashif's treatment and recovery.
  • Click on the "Donate" button to directly contribute to Kashif Shaikh's medical fund.


  • Spread the word on social media platforms, among your friends, and within your network to maximize outreach.
  • Your sharing can create a chain of support, reaching individuals who can contribute to Kashif's treatment.

Urgency of Support:

  • Time is of the essence for Kashif's recovery, and immediate financial support is crucial.
  • Your prompt action can make a significant difference in ensuring Kashif receives the necessary medical care without further delay.
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