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Healing Hands: Join Hands for Rohan Adhal's Second Surgery and Family's Future

•  Rohan Iqbal Adhal, a 30-year-old driver from Kalgaon Badlapur, Maharashtra.
  Sole provider for his wife and three children.
  Faced a severe accident resulting in the loss of his hand.
•  Successfully underwent surgery, but complications arose during a physiotherapy session.
  Injuries and bone fractures occurred, necessitating another urgent operation.
  As the sole breadwinner, his family's future hangs in the balance.
  Urgently needs 250,000 rupees for the upcoming surgery.
  Your generous donations can make a significant difference in their lives.
  Thanks for your support in his first surgery; now, once again, he needs your help.
  Please share this cause with others who can contribute.
  Let's stand together to rebuild the foundation of Rohan Iqbal Adhal's family.

by Rahman Foundation


raised out of 2,50,000
Sadaqah Zakat Lillah