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Empower Jamal's Education: Your Support for Jamal's Career

Jamal Ahmed, a bright and determined individual, has secured a spot in Safiya Hamidiyah Unani College Burhanpur for the BUMS course 1st year. He has cleared the NEET exam, demonstrating his dedication and hard work

He is facing a financial constraints to continue his education. His college fees amount to 135,000 rupees, and despite his best efforts, he has managed to arrange only 80,000 rupees.

He needs your support to bridge the gap and secure 55,000 rupees. Your contribution will not only help Jamal continue his education but also he will become a pillar of support for his family, helping them overcome poverty.

Jamal comes from an economically disadvantaged family living below the poverty line. His father is a labourer in a power loom, earns 8,000 to 10,000 rupees per month, which is barely enough to support a family of six.

By contributing to this fundraiser, you're not just assisting a student; you're investing in the future of a promising individual who has the potential to uplift their entire family and contribute meaningfully to society.

by Rahman Foundation


raised out of 55,000